Construction Management

The Construction Management service is the core segment in our construction service offerings. Turner & Miller International LLC have an elite panel of architectural, engineering and construction professionals to constitute one of the well-known, strong and responsive Project Management team in the sector. The team has handled a bunch of major and challenging projects from individual villas to high-end tower developments, and executed it on time, earning the trust and respect of the consultants, clients and suppliers associated with us.

Managing a major construction project is really a challenging task when it encompasses handling of numerous staff, workers, materials, suppliers etc. Perfect coordination and to maintain up to date inventory of all these transactions. As an MEP contracting company, we had faced quite a lot of difficulties initially to record all these actions, schedules and timelines with conventional project management systems. We had tried almost all the best in class software and applications to check if it can give us what we want, but a big NO was the answer. As the project demands were getting higher, the pressure were increasing, we have had no ways remaining other than to invent something on our own which can give what we want, this is how IKWIGO, the dedicated MEP-ERP/PM software was born. Introduction of this GRC-Construction Project management application has made the task of managing a project remarkably easy and with this robust system, we can manage projects of any type and scale.

Our integrated Construction Management solutions ensures consistency and unmatched traceability for all actions happened in a project so far and provide supreme manageability for all actions to take place regarding deployments and movements of workforce, equipments, materials, etc.

  • Control over Materials.
  • Control over distribution of Manpower.
  • Building up Register Masters.
  • Linking the materials to registers and locations.
  • Single dash view for analysis.
  • Documentation Control.
  • Correspondence Control.

We have proven solutions to systematically manage your construction projects to bring the best out of it. Our integrated services and solutions helps you cut unwanted expenses and remove all sluggishness because of the incapability of conventional management solutions. If you are looking for an efficient and credible team who have an excellent track record for completing the most challenging projects well within the timeline, we are the people you would wanted. Call us now!