Construction Site Supervision

Supervision is the art and act of overseeing and administering to ensure that the given task is progressing perfectly in line with the schedule and overall project requirement. Professional supervision is an essential entity for construction sites to ensure that the works are being executed with a high level of quality and it matches all agreed plans.

Professional supervision for construction sites demands enormous industry experience, meticulous understanding of workforce management, movements of materials, expertise in various systems, construction practices, methods and a thorough understanding of correct applications of all these stuffs. Moreover, being aware of prices, market trends, extensive social skills and diplomacy are prerequisites for a successful Supervisor.

Turner & Miller International provide professional Construction Site Supervision services to streamline and to control activities at your work site. Our services guarantees that the materials used are proper, as per specification, making sure that top quality equipment and systems are used, tools are used according to the recommended manner, ensure all machineries are functioning well, complies with the standards and finally to ensure the site is a safe working place for everyone.

See below the TMI advantages:

  • Our unmatched Project Supervision services helps you reach project goals easily
  • Supervises and ensures that construction projects are executed and progressing smoothly
  • Confirms quality, standards and compliance of materials, equipment and systems
  • Enhances overall safety on the site
  • Makes sure that project and / or all statutory regulations are followed

We also supervise and deal with all site personnel deputed by the Client, including architects, engineers, consultants and contractors, throughout the construction phase with an ultimate commitment that the scope of works is executed in line with the approved schedule. TMI’s Supervisory services also intervene to all project correspondence, high level meetings, manage risks, changes, budgets, claims, disputes, invoices, payments and approvals. Supervisory professionals at TMI are experts’ and objective oriented. They are very capable and well trained to work in most challenging projects, circumstances and terrains. Our services will surely help you achieve the goals of the project.
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